• Two Big Festivals 2020.9

    Two Big Festivals 2020.9

    Time’s flying. The two big festivals are close, the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, which are both very important to us. They’re on the same day, Oct.1st. And we’ll take 8 days off as usual. Downtime is necessary, it’s good for well working.     We are extremely grateful to our c...
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  • Resume production 2020.8

    Resume production 2020.8

    After about 10 days’ overhaul, we resume production. During it, we went on our beach vacation that was an entertaining experience. A brief break is pretty important to get a better beginning. In summer, it’s our tradition to take an overhaul. Why? One of the main reasons is that it’s difficult f...
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  • Beach team-building 2020.7

    Beach team-building 2020.7

    The summer is coming with the weather getting hot day by day. We went on our beach vacation last week, did sightseeing, went to the beaches, ate plenty of seafood, and had a lot of fun. Our destination was Weihai, which is a beautiful coastal city and in the same province as our city, Jinan. It ...
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  • Certificates Updated (2020/6/23)

    Certificates Updated (2020/6/23)

    We have our certificates updated, including ECOMOS, ECOCERT, KOSHER, HALAL and NSF. Please find them through Usually, ECOMOS and ECOCERT are for cosmetics, KOSHER, HALAL and NSF are for food. We strictly follow the regulations to ensure good quality ...
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  • COA Revision Statement

    COA Revision Statement

    Dear customers     Thanks for your strong support and cooperation in the past few years. In order to enhance the company's brand image, influence and competitiveness, Shandong AWA Biopharm will use the new logo from December 20, 2019. The new logo will be also used on th...
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  • LOGO Change Statement

    LOGO Change Statement

    Dear customers     Thanks for your strong support and cooperation in the past few years. In order to further enhance the company's brand image, influence and competitiveness, Shandong AWA Biopharm will use the new logo from December 20, 2019, while the original logo will...
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  • In-cosmetic(2019/11/05-07)


    In the previous In-cosmetics Asia exhibition, it attracted nearly 5,000 professional visitors from 60 countries and regions, and share d a grand event with 232 exhibitors. This year, many large companies will continue to appear at ...
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  • CPHI Frankfurt(2019/11/05-07)

    CPHI Frankfurt(2019/11/05-07)

    CPhI worldwide is a famous brand exhibition in the field of international pharmaceutical raw materials, and also a professional exhibition in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates. The show travels between France, Germany and Spain every year and wi...
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  • SupplySide West(2019/10/17-18)

    SupplySide West(2019/10/17-18)

    Supplyside West is the largest professional exhibition of pharmaceutical and health care raw materials in the United States, which is mainly plant extracts, functional food ingredients, pharmaceutical ingredients, beauty cosmetic ingre...
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  • In-cosmetics Korea(2019/06/26-28)

    In-cosmetics Korea(2019/06/26-28)

    With the support of the Korea Cosmetics Association (KCA), the two-day In-cosmetic Korea is dedicated to helping exhibitors develop the booming Korean cosmetics market through a highly accurate exhibition platform. The Korea International Cosmetics Ingredients Exhibition will attract visitors fro...
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  • CPHI Shanghai(2019/06/18-20)

    CPHI Shanghai(2019/06/18-20)

    The exhibition includes API equipment, preparation equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, fluid equipment, cleaning system, refrigeration equipment, purified pure water equipment, new pharmaceutical packaging materials, biochemical / analytical instruments, laboratory complete sets and su...
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  • Vitafoods Switzerland(2019/05/07-09)

    Vitafoods Switzerland(2019/05/07-09)

    Vitafoods Europe is the largest professional exhibition for natural plant extracts and health food ingredients in Europe. Following the high-quality positioning, this exhibition has been highly concerned and recognized by professionals in the global health food industry, It becomes the wind vane ...
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