Beach team-building 2020.7

The summer is coming with the weather getting hot day by day. We went on our beach vacation last week, did sightseeing, went to the beaches, ate plenty of seafood, and had a lot of fun.


Our destination was Weihai, which is a beautiful coastal city and in the same province as our city, Jinan. It was about 7 hours to drive there. We were a little tired but excited. This was our first time to do the team-building together.


We went to The Dream Sea, it was so clean, fantastic. As the water was still a bit cold, we couldn’t take bathing. Also, we took a boat to The Seagull Island, had sea breeze blowing, fed the seagulls. It was a nice and special experience. We were so close to nature. And we got to The Liugong Island, knew much historical knowledge, ate the special food there. What a full day!


We drank, talked, ate, laughed, and relaxed. We got to know better each other and had a happy time. People get united, then difficulties will be overcome.

Post time: Jul-23-2020
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