Two Big Festivals 2020.9

Time’s flying. The two big festivals are close, the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, which are both very important to us. They’re on the same day, Oct.1st. And we’ll take 8 days off as usual. Downtime is necessary, it’s good for well working.


The national day and mid-autumn festival


We are extremely grateful to our country and government. They’ve done so many measures to help people fight the virus. As a result, COVID-19 has been under control for a few months. Lives are getting normal. People can go back to work in the office. We’re allowed to play in public places. And the economic activities are becoming more active. We strongly believe that the world will get better soon. Let’s fight together.




Mid-Autumn Day is a traditional festival in China. It’s almost as important as the Chinese New Year. In general, people go back home, greet old people, gather together for a big meal while enjoying the scenery of the full moon. We’re talking, eating, meanwhile, children are playing around the table. It’s a happy family time.

Post time: Sep-27-2020
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