Quality System

Shandong AWA Biopharm Co., Ltd.

SHANDONG AWA BIOPHARM CO., LTD. currently has one D-level clean area and one D+C (local A-level) clean area. Every year, it formulates rich and professional training contents for employees, including personnel hygiene, standard operation, daily maintenance of environmental equipment, etc. Online QA and plant facilities maintenance personnel monitor the operation status of the clean area every day. Full-time personnel regularly evaluate the environment of the clean area (sedimentation bacteria, surface microorganisms, suspended particles) monthly, and engage a third-party organization to monitor and confirm each year.


After hard work to ensure good quality, we have got many honors and qualifications, including ISO9001, DMF, NSF, ECOCERT, ECOMOS, HALAL, KOSHER, DRUG MANUFACTURING LICENSE, and etc.

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